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Ready for the Eco-motive© ?

Incentive Nice - Team Nature

Team building : The Eco-motive©
Built in the Team Nature’s creative space, this new team building solution has everything to lure you! Made with recycle materials, the Eco-motive© is a creative and sporty challenge in which each participant reveals his own talents in his team.

Combining creativity and artistic skills to give meaning to your team building activity!

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The team is a value that lasts…

Yes, but your budgets and time devoted to federate and motivate are planed down them too!

What’s to be done? Freeze every project? 
Too late, the weather forecasts announce the thaw…
Hire animators “made in China” ? 
Their performances may be ???? 
Use material with Rumanian standards ? Incompatible with your CD-rum player…

So, how to preserve your budget (lower than 50 € per participant) in a team building guaranteeing security and achievement of your goals?

Gilt-edged values to federate at low prices:

Numerical rally with our IPad 2, in [...]