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Sustainable event or green event?

Team building Nice - Incentive Nice - Team Nature

In the name of making money with the protection of environment, some green specialised companies are offering some strange activities.

Among them, let’s take for example the “famous” rubbish collection. And why not while we are at it, why don’t we clean the common areas?

Like bungee-jumping or paint ball broke the dignity of the participants during the team building of the 90′s, do such so called “green activities” really belong to the sustainable event?

Team building Nice - Incentive Nice Respecting the environment and the individual: a top priority for Team Nature

Our solution “Eco-Forest”, carried out in partnership with the National Forest office, combines the useful with the enjoyable.

First of all, participants challenge themselves, and then prune, remove undergrowth and plant new trees.
This was the case on the 29 of january with a group of 40 people in Cannes, a city committed to sustainable development.

Their also revealed the true nature of their team in january: Beckman Coulter society ( Festive evening and “In the search of the Iron mask”), Dipharma society (“Choose de right direction with mountain bike and GPS!”).

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