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Team Nature would like to wish you a happy new year

Team building Nice - Incentive Nice - Team Nature

Team building Nice - Incentive Nice The result are in!

With an average score of 18.3 out of 20 on the customer satisfaction survey, Team Nature has shown our excellence in event management and production. The survey covers not only customer satisfaction on the event day, but also the preparation and follow-up of the event. No surprise, the criteria which received the best score (19.2/20) was our environmental friendliness… but that’s not all…

Team building Nice - Incentive Nice Proof that team building works!

To the question “is including team building activities in a meeting day more effective than a standard meeting day without activities?”, 84% of our participants said yes! They revealed their true team nature in december 2010: Houdan’s company (Helicopter-caving and gala evening with live music and gambling).

But also “la Caisse d’Epargne” (Improvisation sketches) and Bentley’s company (cultural visits).

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